RE/MAX Westcoast - Novex

With the holiday rush just around the corner, we advise that customers place their orders as early as possible to avoid any potential delays.


RE/MAX Westcoast

RE/MAX Westcoast

I wanted to tell the management team about what a wonderful job their employees are doing. I am impressed and very much satisfied by the fast and efficient service. The agents who pick up and drop off and the agents who take the orders on the phone – very informative indeed. I work for over 200 realtors as a receptionist and they have all kinds of requests and one mistake can mess up a lot of deals, as deadlines have to be made. I have dealt with other courier companies and I get shifted from one person to another and have to hold on the line for hours…I do not have that problem with Novex. Thank you for everything you do. Have a wonderful holiday and season’s greetings to you all.

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