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Getting Started

Novex Delivery Solutions is here to help with your entire courier and freight needs. From the moment you place your order, to tracking it and even reviewing your account and billing details, we provide an easy to use online system or friendly customer service agents.

Here's how to

Get started with Novex

Create an Account

There are three different ways that you can set up an account with us. You can choose to fill out the online form, contact our office by phone at 604-278-1935 or email us at info@novex.ca. Typically, it takes one business day for our staff to confirm your account.

Pre-authorized Billing

In order to meet our “green” goals, we encourage all of our clients to set up pre-authorized billing to reduce paper waste. A detailed invoice of your Novex charges will be emailed to you 7 days before your payment is automatically withdrawn, giving you time to review your invoice before payment is processed. We call this the Total Clean Pre-Authorized Payment plan. You can download the application form here or email billing@novex.ca.

Scheduling a Pick Up

Once your account has been officially set up, scheduling a pick up is as easy as logging into your online account or calling our office at 604-278-1935. Log in or contact us at any time to obtain quotes, place new orders, track existing orders and view delivery signatures.

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