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Online Ordering

Changes can only be made if the status of the order is stated as “open”. This means that the order has not yet been dispatched. The status of the delivery can be found on the "track orders" tab on the online ordering site. If the order has been dispatched, please call 604-278-1935.
Enter the first leg and then press “return trip”. To find your first order number, press “continue with return trip” and then “complete” to get the second order number.
While still on the order entry page, select the address dropdown box and choose either the right arrow for pick-up or the left arrow for delivery.
Please ensure you have entered a correct postal code. Also ensure that the vehicle type is correct. If bike is selected and the delivery is not staying within the downtown core, the system will not provide a price. Some new areas are not in our database. If you have tried the above suggestions and are still having difficulty, please phone our office at 604-278-1935 and a customer service representative will be happy to get the correct price for you.
Additional instructions can be placed in the comments field.
A history of old orders can be viewed through the search tab.
Please contact us through the web chat, email info@novex.ca, or call our customer service representatives at 604-278-1935 to reset your ID or password.
Many services are available online. You can quickly obtain quotes, place new orders, track existing orders, and view a Proof of Delivery (POD). You can also view current and historical invoices, and manage authorized users and passwords.
The “ready time” is the time the order is ready for pick up, and the service time for the requested delivery begins. The pick up time is the time the driver picked up your order.
Due time is the latest time an item should be delivered.

Can't find the answer? Call us at 604-278-1935, email us at info@novex.ca or, use our webchat in the bottom right hand corner.

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