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Fuel Surcharges

Variable Fuel


Novex uses a Variable Fuel Surcharge, which reflects the changing average price of fuel in the Lower Mainland. Should the price of gas decrease, so too will the surcharge rate. This system allows Novex to avoid frequent changes to its base shipping rates and allows the overall cost of shipping to vary (both up and down) with the market price of fuel.

The fuel surcharge applies to all courier and freight shipments tendered to Novex and is applied to the sum of the base shipping rate and additional weight charges.

* All rates are subject to a small annual increase effective June 1st *

We will post the current fuel surcharge on a monthly basis:



Effective October 1-31, 2021 21.5%
Effective September 1-30, 2021 22%
Effective August 1-31, 2021 23%



Effective October 1-31, 2021 23%
Effective September 1-30, 2021 23.5%
Effective August 1-31, 2021 24.5%

Weekly prices will be based on price published by MJ Ervin & Associates, a research company that monitors and analyzes the price of gas in cities across Canada. This fuel surcharge will apply only to vehicle deliveries and will not apply to bicycle deliveries.

If you have any questions regarding the Variable Fuel Surcharge, please contact us at 604-278-1935.

For more information, please visit the Forms and Documents section of our website.

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