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Leading by Example, a Sustainable and Customer-First Partnership

Novex knows that it takes a village to create change. That’s why on top of our own initiatives to reduce carbon emissions and advocate for green alternatives, we make sure to partner with companies that share the same values.

A stellar example of a community leader is our long-time partner Mills Office Productivity. Mills is a Vancouver staple, delivering stationary, office supplies, and great customer service since 1949. Family owned, Mills leads by example and makes business decisions that prioritize the communities they operate in, their employees’ welfare, and the sustainability of the environment.

Novex has enjoyed a thriving partnership with Mills, and after a brief interview with Michelle Reid, their head of sustainability (aka Sustainability Czar), we can’t help but notice the feeling is mutual.

“When I think about the relationship between Novex and Mills – I cannot remember a time without Novex!,” said Reid. “I can’t say enough good things about them.”

Both companies are consistently on the front lines of local green initiatives, which include: electric fleets, a recycling pick-up program, reusable delivery containers, and a recent United Way cohort of the Social Purpose Business Innovators Lab.

Reid emphasizes that what’s most important in a partner is sharing core values. Beyond understanding environmental impact, she prides herself on Mills’ attention to customer service.

Mils Office Worker

Credit to: Mills Office Productivity

“A lot of time, we use Novex for rush deliveries,” Reid said. “Which are normally vital products for the customer, so it’s important to have a reliable partner. Novex drivers are always courteous. In over ten years, we haven’t had a single complaint!”

Novex and Mills are both proud certified B Corporations and work hard to show their communities what sustainable and actionable change looks like. Reid pointed out that more and more customers look for that in their services, which means other companies are following suit. This ripple effect is the key towards achieving a more sustainable and energy conscious society.

“When you think about supply chain, you want sustainability,” Reid said in closing. “Why wouldn’t you use a sustainable partner that makes you look good?”

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