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Novex Drives Closer to Zero Emissions

Novex Delivery Solutions has always been an environmentally conscious business, but now it’s putting the pedal to the metal on a progressive zero emissions delivery goal by testing fully electric vehicles.

The company is currently testing a BYD (Build Your Dreams) e6 electric car, has added a Chevrolet Bolt to its fleet, and is anxiously awaiting the delivery of a Tesla Model 3.

“We’re excited to get drivers behind the wheels of more electric cars,” said Brett Surgenor, Novex’s Marketing Manager. “We want them to see the benefits of choosing electric vehicles and get excited about playing a major role in the zero emissions target.”

Over the past decade, Novex has worked towards a 100 per cent ultra-low emission fleet goal, which it achieved earlier this year. It now has more hybrids in its fleet than any other same-day delivery company.

While Novex will continue to encourage drivers to buy hybrids, it’s now focusing on fully electric cars to help make the zero emissions goal a reality.

“We’re ramping up to have more electric vehicles in our fleet which will hopefully drive the rest of the industry in that same direction,” said Brett Surgenor, Novex’s Marketing Manager. “Drivers want to work for us because of our green practices.”

On top of being environmentally friendly, the BYD e6 and Chevrolet Bolt also boast great range and cargo space – two features that are very important to Novex’s drivers.

The e6 has a range of up to 400 kilometres per charge and a cargo volume of 15.9 cubic feet. The Bolt has a range of 383 kilometres per charge and a cargo volume of 17 cubic feet.

“We’re huge supporters of how these cars are designed to meet fleet needs,” Surgenor said, adding that both vehicles tick off the critical boxes of range and cargo capacity.

Novex has a fleet of almost 100 couriers and is currently cycling drivers through the e6 and Bolt so they can experience the benefits of the two electric vehicles firsthand.

“We care about how Novex impacts the environment,” Surgenor said. “It’s our job to make responsible decisions about how our packages get from point A to B.”

Drivers will test-drive the BYD e6 until the end of 2017 and Novex hopes to have them trying out the Tesla Model 3 next year.

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