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Novex: A key link in province-wide shipping

Businesses and individuals in remote areas of British Columbia rely on Novex when they need products shipped from major centres.

While the courier might be based in the Lower Mainland, it plays a key role in the transportation network that moves necessities throughout the province.

Pacific Coastal Airlines and its 16 bases have been using Novex for eight years to help ship personal, commercial and medical cargo to more than 50 destinations in BC on behalf of its clients.

“Novex is reliable and consistent,” said Kathy Sereda, the manager at Pacific Coastal’s Bella Bella base. “There has never been a time when Novex didn’t come through for us.”

Accuracy and speed are extremely important for this airline and its guests. Many of their shipments include medical supplies and water samples from remote regions that need to be tested at the BC Centre for Disease Control in Vancouver.

Sereda uses Novex because the courier shares the same high standards of service as Pacific Coastal.

“They are very customer-oriented just like us,” Sereda said, adding that Novex is always willing to go the extra mile for its customers.

Going the extra mile

On one occasion, Pacific Coastal Airlines hired Novex to deliver perishable items to a senior with mobility issues. That person wasn’t able to meet the courier at the door. Novex’s driver went home, put the items in his freezer so they wouldn’t spoil and delivered them the next day.

“Novex called us in the morning to explain what happened and didn’t charge us anything extra,” Sereda said. “The people who received the package were very thankful.”

Pacific Coastal Airlines uses Novex every day from Monday to Friday and often multiple times per day.

“Many of our guests have time-sensitive shipments and using Novex means I don’t have to worry. I’m confident in recommending the courier to our valued customers,” Sereda said.

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