In the bike lanes: Q & A - Novex


In the bike lanes: Q & A


Kiyoshi Kadota riding his bike

Love riding your bike to reduce your impact on the environment? Want to make a career out of it?

We sat down with Kiyoshi Kadota to learn more about the interesting aspects of his job as a bike courier with Novex. Read our Q & A to learn more about what it takes to pursue a dynamic career that connects people and businesses while making a real difference in reducing emissions.

How long have you been a Bike Courier?

I have been a bike courier for just over four years now and been with Novex for two and a half years or so.

How does It work?

You just log on to your phone and say “I’m ready to work.” For me, I ought to be downtown at 8:30 and work starts coming in through the phone, which works kind of like a radio. I will see trips come up on my screen with a pickup and drop off location. What can be a challenge sometimes is when it’s really busy and you need to figure out which ones are due first, which are most important and route yourself accordingly.

What is something the makes Novex unique?

They’re probably one of the few courier companies out there that focus on the environment. They’re really pushing that green thinking forwards. Especially with the introduction of completely electric vehicles to the fleet. They have also been hiring more cyclists, which I think is great.

Kiyoshi Kadota receiving award

What was a cool experience you had on the job?

There was one time I was delivering for an interior design firm. They were really pleased with my service and were nice enough to give me their employee of the month award, even though I’m not really working there, but sort of working for them since they hire me. That was really nice.

What attracted you to Novex?  

I had worked on the road for a couple different companies and I knew Novex was one of the best companies out there. Not just in terms of the pay, although that is a big thing, but they have a really solid team. The managers ask current employees about new potential hires. So if they have applicants they ask their current riders, “What do you think about this person, do you think they’re a good fit for the team?” So I felt like it was a good place to be and I had a lot of respect for the other riders that were working for Novex at the time I was first hired.

What is one of your favourite things about working at Novex?

I would have to say the camaraderie. There is a lot of good will between the riders and between the riders and the office staff. In my experience I have had nothing but really pleasant and smooth interactions with them all. It’s an easy company to work for, not a lot of hassles.

How is being a courier in Vancouver different than other places you have worked?

I worked in New Zealand for a bit with a bicycle courier and there wasn’t as much of a culture in the city that I was in, compared to Vancouver. What’s great about Vancouver is there is quite a sizeable family of messengers who work for various companies and we hang out often after work and go on camping trips.

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