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Clean Cars and Clean Streets: Novex Expands Green Initiatives Outside Its Fleet

Novex Delivery Solutions has worked hard to build a fleet of clean vehicles, but the Richmond-based company is now keeping the streets those cars drive on clean too.

The courier adopted Knox Way and Burdette Street as part of the city’s Partners for Beautification Adopt-A-Street program in 2016.

“We embrace the ‘best for the world’ mentality and that goes far beyond just driving clean vehicles,” said Brett Surgenor, Novex’s Sales and Marketing Specialist. “We are extremely proud to be located in Richmond and are happy to help keep the city clean.”

Novex’s employees regularly take time out of their busy days to get fresh air and pick up garbage along Knox and Burdette. And the city recently recognized their cleanup efforts with a permanent sign – located at Knox Way and River Road – in January.

“We award businesses with a recognition sign after a minimum of six cleanups,” said Emily Toda, a Parks Programs coordinator. “We need businesses to adopt industrial areas because they are the hardest hit by garbage,” she said.

All Novex employees – from customer service reps and dispatchers to management – participate in Adopt-A-Street cleanups.

“It’s a task they enjoy taking part in – especially when it’s sunny out,” Surgenor said.

The Partners for Beautification program has 126 active partners and participants logged 10,000 volunteer hours and 700 different cleanup initiatives in 2017.

“We want to be ambassadors for the program and spread the word so other families and businesses can do the same,” Surgenor said.

Novex was the first courier in North America to become carbon neutral, has more hybrids in its fleet than any other same-day courier and saves 180 tonnes of CO2 emissions every year through its sustainability initiatives.

The company is always looking for new ways to reduce its environmental footprint.

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