Canada’s First 100% Electric Trucks


June 24, 2010

Novex Demonstrates Environmental Leadership with Launch of Canada’s 1st 100% Electric Delivery Trucks

Vancouver, BC – Today, a number of environmental, business and political leaders, including Iain Black, Minister of Small Business, Technology and Economic Development, commended Novex Delivery Solutions for its environmental leadership during the launch of the first two 100 per cent electric-powered trucks licensed in Canada. Novex is continuing to green its fleet with the addition of two new zero-emission Smith electric trucks.

“That is how we’ve done business in the past,” said Robert Safrata, CEO, Novex as an old biodiesel delivery truck drove in. “And this is how we’re doing business today and in the future!” announced Safrata as two shiny new Smith trucks drove noiselessly toward the plaza at Vancouver’s Millennium Water development, designed as the most sustainable community in Canada.

Vancouver-owned and operated Novex is a leader among same-day courier companies as the first to use hybrid vehicles in Canada in 2003 and becoming carbon-neutral in 2008. Novex has made a commitment – as a transportation company – to reduce its carbon footprint by 70 per cent by 2015.

“Novex has made a commitment to do the right thing and focus on creating a sustainable company,” said Safrata. “We do this by adhering to a triple bottom line that includes a social, environmental and economic focus. We are constantly amazed at the benefits of managing by the triple bottom line. For example, we have been working for almost three years to add these vehicles to our fleet due to the overwhelming emissions reductions, which is clearly an environmental benefit. A benefit of using these vehicles for early morning deliveries to hospitals and universities that are located in residential areas is they minimize noise pollution, and thereby significantly reduce the impact on the community for a positive social effect.”

These new vehicles will result in Novex saving approximately 58 C02e tonnes per year, equivalent to taking 12 cars off the road each year. Additionally, the fuel savings when using these two vehicles is expected to be approximately $25,000 per year. Novex already saves 88 C02e tonnes annually by using hybrids cars, natural gas vans and biodiesel freight vehicles in its fleet, equivalent to taking 18 cars off the road each year.

Vancouver Assistant City Manager Sadhu Johnston received the first carbon-neutral, zero-emission delivery during the presentation.

“Novex’s decision to shift to zero-emission vehicles is exactly the kind of business leadership we need to fight climate change,” said Johnston. “By greening its fleet with these two electric-powered trucks, Novex will save money on energy costs and reduce its carbon footprint – proving that going green isn’t just good for the environment, but good for business too. At City Hall our goal is to be the greenest city in the world by 2020, and with a local company like Novex being a leader on the environment, they’re helping us achieve our goal.”

Novex’s environmental business leadership was also commended by Iain Black, Minister of Small Business, Technology and Economic Development.

“It’s a feather in British Columbia’s cap that one of our companies has become the first in Canada to incorporate electric delivery trucks into their everyday commercial fleet,” said Minister Black. “I commend Novex for being a pioneer in embracing green vehicle technology and for showing the way in reducing B.C.’s carbon footprint.”

The David Suzuki Foundation also supports the direction that Novex is taking by continuing to expand its fleet with zero-emissions vehicles. While CEO Peter Robertson was not able to attend the launch, he did provide the following comment.

“Over the past 20 years, the trucks used to move and deliver goods have been one of the fastest growing sources of climate change emissions in Canada,” said Robinson. “Today, it’s exciting to see solutions in action that dramatically slash emissions, improve our quality of life, and build a more innovative economy. This shows the tremendous potential of what can be done when we lead rather than follow.”

For Smith Electric Vehicles, licensing the first two trucks in Canada is a break-through in supplying the Canadian market with commercial vehicles that are both emission-free and noise-free.

“Novex is delivering more than packages, they are delivering leadership to the next generation of transportation,” said Bryan Hansel, CEO of Smith Electric Vehicles. “It takes more than technology to create change, it takes visionary leaders to take the required steps to action. Novex has played that key leadership role in getting Smith Electric Vehicles on the road in Canada.”

During the presentation, Offsetters, which does carbon offsetting for Novex, presented CEO Safrata with an award.

“We are proud to present Novex with an award recognizing their carbon neutral status and their ongoing leadership role in taking action on climate change,” said Kari Grist, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Client Engagement of Offsetters. “We’ve partnered with Novex since 2008 and as they continue to look for ways to reduce their emissions, they’re demonstrating that businesses can be successful and sustainable.”

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