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Online Ordering

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Online Ordering - Simple, Fast and Convenient!

Online ordering is a simple and convenient way to place and track your orders in real-time. With many advanced features, placing an order is faster than calling in. To sign up for our online ordering system, please send your account number, name, and desired web ID and password to and we'll get you started!

Efficient Order Placing

Placing your orders online allows you to enter multiple jobs at your convenience. Once you place your order, you’ll immediately receive a Job Tracking Number which confirms that your order was placed. You can even place jobs a day ahead by simply setting the ready time.

Track Orders

View the real-time status of all your recently placed orders: find out who signed for your package and when it was delivered. You can also search using various fields to find the status of previously placed orders. You can even retrieve a summary of your daily orders at the click of your mouse.

Obtain Rate Quotes

Obtain instant rate quotes for your deliveries or toggle through the service levels to see the various rates.

Customizable Address Book

Our Address Search feature searches within your personal Company Address Book. Saving addresses can be done at the time of placing an order. So, once you’ve entered and saved an address, you’ll always have quick access to it in your Address Book.

View Invoices Online

View current and historical invoices in PDF format. You can also set up your account to automatically notify you once your invoice is posted online.

Administrative Options

As a Web Administrator, you can add and modify online user information. And, with customizable User IDs and passwords, you can make changes at any time to your information.

Need Assistance?

We’re here for you! At any given time, you can call our call centre at 604-278-1935 or email

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