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Novex: Reuniting WestJet Guests with their Baggage

When passengers fly with an airline they trust that their baggage will arrive at their destinations at the same time they do.

WestJet, Canada’s second largest airline, works hard to have one of the lowest mishandled‑baggage ratios in North America, but sometimes, despite best efforts, baggage may be delayed. This can be for a variety of reasons – from missed connections to late check-ins and itineraries involving multiple airlines. No matter the situation, it’s stressful for travellers to not have their personal items with them.

Novex and WestJet delivering blankets to those in need during WestJet’s Christmas Miracle campaign in 2015.

When bag delays happen in Vancouver, WestJet relies on Novex Delivery Solutions to get mishandled items to their guests as soon as the bags arrive at Vancouver International Airport (YVR).

“We’re always working to reduce instances of mishandled baggage,” said Warren Bennett, WestJet’s baggage service manager at YVR. “But when delays happen, we trust Novex to deliver our guests’ luggage and other items to them quickly, so they can enjoy their vacations, handle their business trips or get back to their lives with minimal worry and inconvenience.”

WestJet uses Novex for day-to-day deliveries of delayed baggage and items left behind or forgotten at baggage carousels. The airline is known for taking care of their guests and has even leaned on Novex to deliver bags to the resort town of Whistler after guests had to travel there before receiving their suitcases.

“We tailor services for clients so they can meet their customers’ needs,” said Brett Surgenor, Novex’s sales and marketing specialist. “We want to make our clients’ lives easier so that their clients’ lives are easier.”

Shared values

WestJet takes pride in being service-focused. It’s well-known internationally for treating guests like family. That’s why the airline partners with companies that share the same caring service philosophy.

“Novex’s culture is similar to our culture. The courier’s drivers are friendly, professional and treat our staff like family,” Bennett said. “It’s not your typical, ‘I’m here to get the bags and see you later’ transaction. It’s a ‘We’ll do our best to help you out” kind of relationship.’”

WestJet and Novex have built that relationship over the last 13 years.

“Our team is on a first-name basis with Novex’s drivers,” Bennett said. “They always come in and talk to our agents before they take the bags out to their cars.”

The guest comes first

Warren added that Novex is willing to go the extra mile to make a WestJet guest’s day.

“Even when we have unusual delivery requests, Novex is ready to help,” he said.

Surgenor attributes this to the family dynamic that all Novex employees embrace.

“Our clients can call us with special requests and we’ll make them happen because we see them as part of the Novex family,” Surgenor said.

Many passengers land in Vancouver and immediately drive south to the United States. Warren said his team has arranged for Novex drivers to meet passengers at the border so they don’t have to drive back to Vancouver to get their bags.

Novex has even helped WestJet deliver blankets to people in need as part of one of the airline’s notorious Christmas Miracle campaigns.

Melissa Shaw, WestJet’s baggage operations lead at YVR, is particularly impressed with Novex’s drivers and how dedicated they are to ensuring WestJet passengers get their luggage quickly.

“We are very busy at the end of every day and Novex’s drivers always make sure to grab whatever they can by the 10 p.m. deadline,” she said. “They will wait and fit every bag they can into their cars. They really go above and beyond.”

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