2009 Caring for Ecosystems Award Recipient Novex Delivery Solutions

2009 Caring for Ecosystems Award Presentation

VANCOUVER, Feb. 23 – The Fraser Basin Council has recognized five organizations for their outstanding contributions to sustainability. “The 2009 Sustainability Awards celebrate the achievements of innovative organizations throughout the Fraser River Basin that are demonstrating excellence in advancing sustainability,” said Fraser Basin Council Chair Charles Jago. Awards in five categories were presented by the Hon. Iona Campagnolo on February 19 during a gala dinner at the State of the Fraser Basin Conference in Vancouver.

The Caring for Ecosystems Award honours stewards of the environment and natural resources, and recognizes initiatives that respect ecosystems and their interrelationships. This year’s recipient is Novex Delivery Solutions of Richmond, the first local courier company in Canada to take steps to reduce its environmental impact, develop sustainable practices and recognize a triple bottom line. Novex has partnered with Offsetters to provide local carbon offsets, becoming the only carbon neutral courier in Canada. An early adopter of greener fleet vehicles, Novex is working towards a 100% clean fleet by 2012. The company has also introduced a digital courier service to support transfer of important documents that can be digitally signed and verified.

About the Fraser Basin Council

The Fraser Basin Council is a non-profit society established in 1997 to bring people together to find solutions to long-standing issues and conflicts, and take advantage of opportunities to advance sustainability in the Fraser River Basin. The Council’s vision for the Fraser Basin is a place where social well-being is supported by a vibrant economy and sustained by a healthy environment.

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