Carbon Neutral

Carbon Neutral

Novex is a carbon neutral company. We work with Offsetters, Canada’s leading carbon management solutions provider, to understand our greenhouse gas emissions, reduce our environmental footprint and find a way to make a difference. We’ve offset key business activities by contributing to a mix of offset projects that includes the Darkwoods Forest Carbon Project in south eastern BC that remove emissions from the atmosphere.

Darkwoods Forest Carbon Project

In 2008, The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) acquired this land from Pluto Darkwoods Corporation, a forestry company, with the objective of managing the land for ecological conservation objectives. NCC is operating the project as an Improved Forest Management carbon project, moving from a logging baseline scenario to a protected forest. The increase in carbon stocks over time is a result of the decrease in logging activities resulting from the new management scenario.

Carbon offsets made it happen

Without offset funds, this project would not have been possible, carbon finance was a significant part of budgeting both for acquisition financing and funding ongoing property management activities over 100 years.

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