Carbon Offsetters

Carbon Offsetters

Novex is a carbon neutral company. We work with Offsetters, Canada’s leading carbon management solutions provider to understand our greenhouse gas emissions and to find a way to make a difference. We’ve offset key business activities by contributing to projects like SunSelect Produce in Aldergrove that remove emissions from the atmosphere.

SunSelect Produce

Carbon offset funds allowed this family farm to switch from a natural gas boiler to a biomass boiler to heat a commercial fruit and vegetable greenhouse. Use of the biomass boiler and heat trapping curtains reduces annual operating emissions by 7,500 tCO2e relative to the natural gas baseline.

Carbon offsets made it happen

Without offset funds, this installation would not have been possible and the greenhouse would have continued to use a natural gas heating system. Biomass boilers and heat trapping curtains are not commonly used, but yield savings in GHG emissions. This project also stands as a model for energy innovation and a switch to a lower carbon future.

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