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Total Clean - Pre-authorized Payment
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Fast, Easy, Convenient

Novex makes it easier for you to do your part to preserve our environment while saving you time and money with Total Clean, our new method of billing and payment.

Save Time!

  • To approve, process and send your Novex invoice.
  • Automatic payment ensures that your payments are received timely, avoiding interest fees
  • Email your Novex invoice internally for increased efficiency.

Save Money!

  • Save on bank and postage fees that you incur when sending us cheques.

Be Environmentally Friendly!

  • By viewing your Novex invoice electronically in the same simple format as you would receive it by mail.
  • You'll also save the paper that to use when processing and mailing us cheques.

A detailed invoice of your Novex charges for the previous month will be emailed to you at least 12 days before your payment is automatically withdrawn giving you ample time to review your bill before it is due.

Email Billing

To help conserve paper, customers can now opt for their invoice to be emailed. Please contact our billing department at


Click here, Novex Total Clean, to fill out our Total Clean application. Once you have signed our application with your digital signture, which you will register for, you will receive a confirmation email. We will notifiy you once your account has been amended.

For service or billing inquiries, please contact us at 604-278-1935 or email us at


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If you do not have Adobe Acrobat installed you can download it for free at