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I just wanted to say Thank you!  The staff at Novex have been nothing short of amazing!!  They are very accommodating, considerate and proactive.  We receive exceptional service every time we use your company and I wanted to make sure that I let you know.....THANKS SO MUCH! Seriously you guys could have just delivered it and left it at that, it really means a lot to us that you...
I wanted to write and let you know how exceptional Novex has been this year. Both the drivers and the customer service representatives have been a pleasure to work with and we’d like to thank them all for their excellent service! Thank you very much for taking the time to read this and please pass on our thanks to all of your staff.   UBC Clinical Skills
I wanted to write you to tell you just how happy we are using Novex. Café Etico and CoDevelopment Canada have been using Novex for many years, and all of us have been impressed with the level of service we receive. In particular, your drivers are all incredibly friendly, courteous, efficient. They all smile and take our heavy coffee boxes without complaint at the same time as they go above and...
...Again, I cannot stress how grateful I am to the entire team at Novex for resolving my issue with such grace and overwhelming success. I am both pleased and privileged to do business with the Novex team.
Thank you so very much for your time and all your help,I would also just like to reiterate that I find your dispatch ladies, as well as your couriers, exceedingly professional, courteous and helpful.


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2013 SCL Green Supply Chain Award Winner



NOVEX Delivery Solutions


Presented by past winner, Craig Germain of XTL Logistics (right), the award was received by Andrew Kronquist, Freight Division Manager of Novex Delivery Solutions (left). As one of the leaders in green initiatives Novex has taken significant steps to address environmental concerns. By integrating electric vehicles into their fleet they have reduced their carbon footprint by 46% in under 5 years. Their overall vision is to have their entire fleet transitioned into hybrids or electric vehicles by 2015. They have also implemented the SEE-IT program, a real-time triple bottom-line reporting tool that shows the progress and status of all activities. This tool allows Novex to communicate all social, environmental and economic data directly to employees, suppliers, clients and stakeholders.